Defining ‘Dangerous’

I have been trying for some years now to get the FIH RC to introduced another criteria for a dangerously played ball. It being “any ball that is propelled at above sternum height and within the shoulder width of a player and at a velocity that could cause injury to anyone hit with such a ball should considered to be dangerous play”.

At present there is no objective criteria for a dangerously raised ball if the player the ball is raised at is more than 5m from the player raising the ball. There is only the subjective ‘legitimate evasive action’ which – as can be seen in the video – is simply ignored.

In fact the Dutch Hockey Board have even instructed umpires in the Netherlands that legitimate evasive action does not apply to defenders on the goal-line during a penalty corner. (An illegal instruction because no National Association has the authority to amend Rule in any way without the prior approval of the FIH Executive – and this approval has not been given).

There are Facebook hockey Rules discussion group posts on this topic here:-

2 Comments to “Defining ‘Dangerous’”

  1. Just imagine the dangers of a penalty corner with hockey played inside. Here all players except the goalie have to stand next to the goal and then run to their defending positions initially being exposed with their (unprotected) sides. The ball comes from much smaller distance and easily at the same speed as outside on the field. Totally crazy!!! I believe rules should be adjusted to better protect players and even goalies with penalty corners. For example by not giving corners when the ball is in a non-scoring, non-passing position and the only way out it trying to play the ball against the defenders’ foot. Which basically “scores” a penalty corner and a potentially very big reward for the attacking team.

    • I don’t think your suggested solution workable because it relies on the subjective judgement of the umpire concerning not possible to score or to pass. Indoor hockey is now ruined anyway with perpetual ball shielding. I used to play a great deal of it but now can’t even watch it with any enjoyment.

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